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1 General

  • What are CacuqEcig's business hours?

    Cacuq operates on Monday to Friday, from 9:30am to 6:30pm, with two hours lunch break from noon to 2:00pm.
    Click here to contact support (via support tickets)

  • Need live help?

    Call us at +86 -0755-23700570, during business hours listed above

  • Corporate Mailing Address

    Shenzhen Cacuq Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
    Room 1403, B Building, Huihai Plaza, ChuangYe Road, Longhua Area, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China 

  • What holidays does CacuqEcig observe?

    CacuqEcig celebrates the following holidays, which are also public holidays in China. Shipping and customer service are suspended temporarily during these holidays. Business operation resumes normal immediately after each holiday.

HolidayBeginsDuration (Business days)
New Year’s Day 1st Jan 3
Spring Festival Varies due to lunar calendar. Approximately mid February. 7
Qingming Festival April 4th or April 5th 1
Labour Day 1st May 1
Dragon Boat Festival Varies due to lunar calendar. Approximately late June. 1
Mid-Autumn Festival Varies due to lunar calendar. Approximately late September. 1
National Day 1st Oct 3

Above dates are used for general guidelines. Exact dates are posted prior to each holiday.

2 Assurance

  • Is it safe to shop at Cacaqecig.com?

    Cacuqecig.com guarantees your privacy and security.

    We are secured by an authoritative VeriSign SSL certificate in the industry which ensures encryption of your personal information. We do not store any credit card information. All billing information is processed by PayPal.com, the world leading payment processor owned by eBay.

    Unlike many other e-commerce sites that directly collect financial information, such as credit card numbers, Cacuqecig.com asks for only your shipping information. We only store information that is necessary to deliver the products you ordered.

    We occasionally send out promotion emails and newsletters to our customers. These emails are sent very sparingly (approximately 1 per month/week). You can opt in and opt out at any time via My Account < My Profile.

    Cacuqecig.com never shares your personal and private information with anyone, and any personal information collected by us is only used to properly process and deliver your goods.

  • What Is CacuqEcig's privacy policy?

    Please visit our privacy policy here for more details.

  • What is the terms and conditions of cacuqecig.com?

    Please check our terms and conditions policy here for more details.

3 Account

  • Can I change my account email and username?

    Account email can’t be changed for the reason of better management of customer information.
    To change your username, you will need to log in to your account and edit it in your account dashboard→contact information section.

  • What to do if I forget my password?

    In that you forget your password, there will be a “forget your password” link in our account log in page. Click on the link and input your account email, you will receive a reset password email in a moment. Follow the instructions in the email, and you will be able to reset your password easily.

4 Refund

  • How are refunds handled?

    Refund is issued to your order's original payment method in 5 working days upon confirmation.
    Based on customer rank, refund processing time may vary. Higher rank customers will have priorities.
    For more details about our refund policy, please check here.

5 Ordering

  • Can I add an item to my order?

    Yes, but you need to add it before your order is packaged for shipment. Contact our support department and we will add it for you.
    However, placing a new order is likely to be faster. You can either ship the new order separately, or contact us to combine your two orders.

  • Can I change my shipping address after placing an order?

    No. The shipping address for your order is required to be identical as the one you filled during checkout per the security requirement of PayPal and Credit card company. If the shipping address is no longer available, we suggest you cancel the order and place a new one with the correct address.

  • Does CacuqEcig match prices?

    CacuqEcig devotes to providing competitive prices to our customers, if not the best. We are willing to match, or even beat others’ prices.
    You can click the “U” sign on product pages to submit a price match request. It will usually take us 5-7 business days to verify and complete the price match. Once it is finished, the price on the product page is updated to match or beat the competitor's price.
    You can choose whether or not to receive e-mail updates regarding your price match request.

  • Can I cancel my order?

    No, all sales are final. No refund will be issued once an order is paid, unless there is an error on our side. Otherwise 20% of the order amount will be imposed as restocking fee.
    However, if your order is pending for payment, which also indicates that our order system will not allocate stock for the order, you can cancel it anytime, and simply contact our supporters so we will arrange it for you.

  • In what currency are CacuqEcig prices displayed?

    All prices listed on Cacuqecig.com are US dollars. If you would like to check the price in your local currency, click the currency button on right top corner of our site and choose the one you like.
    If your home currency is not US dollars, please note that your credit card issuer or bank does the final conversion. The rates that your bank uses are not controlled by Cacuq.
    If you would like to find out the actual conversion rates, please call your credit card issuer or your bank.

  • What language do I enter my information in?

    All information shall be entered in English. Information entered in other languages can cause shipping delays or package loss.
    Please note that a native language address is not guaranteed to be used for shipping. The use of such an address depends on the policies imposed by specific shipping carriers used for each shipment.
    CacuqEcig is not responsible for issues caused by improper entry.

  • Why didn't I receive an order confirmation e-mail?

    As soon as you checkout an order, an email is automatically sent to your e-mail confirming the order. If you're not seeing order confirmation or status updates, your e-mail provider or client software may terat CacuqEcig's emails as SPAMs (mistakenly!). You should also have a quick look at the SPAM/JUNK email folders.
    If there is still no confirmation email or order under your account, please contact our support staff to look it up for you.

  • Can I pay you cash and pick up the goods in your warehouse?

    Yes. In this case, we will issue you a sales contract for the purchase. Please keep the receipt. If there is any problem with the order in future, you can provide us the contract for warranty.

  • Can I place an order without registering an account?

    No. A CacuqEcig account is required to place an order online, although you can use your FB, Google+ account to sign in. This is for better track of order and customer management.

6 Payment

  • Which forms of payment are accepted?
    CacuqEcig securely accepts the following payment methods:
    • VISA
    • MasterCard
    • American Express
    • Discover
    • PayPal
      If you choose PayPal, please note that PayPal is convenient to use, with no account and no signup required. For more about PayPal, please see PayPal on Wikipedia and PayPal's website.
    • You may also order from Cacuq without using PayPal. For your protection, Cacuq does not store any financial information that customers enter. Sensitive information is securely discarded after transmitting to clearing banks.
    • e-Check, Debit Card, and EFT (through PayPal)
  • Is my credit card information secure?
    Yes, your information is absolutely secure.
    CacuqEcig's servers are secured by VeriSign SSL encryption certificates and are continuously scanned by Symantec Secure Site Pro malware scan.

    CacuqEcig is also scanned and verified by Comodo for compliance with the PCI security standards.
    In addition, CacuqEcig never stores any of your financial information such as full credit card numbers and security codes (CVV numbers). When completing your orders, CacuqEcig securely passes your billing information to bank systems for verification Card numbers and CVV numbers are securely discarded immediately after they are sent to the bank. We provide added security via tokenization for repeat orders. Click here to learn more.
    Still worried? Choose PayPal when placing orders. This way, you do not have to enter any of your billing or financial information on CacuqEcig's website. All payment information is entered directly on PayPal.com (an eBay company).

  • What is express check out?
    With express check out, orders can be placed without repeatedly entering your payment card details.
    You'll still need to enter your billing information to place your first order on CacuqEcig. For your next orders, only the card CVV number is required to place orders. The CVV number is required for security purposes.
    Is my card information secure?
    For your protection,CacuqEcig does not store any card and billing information.
    CacuqEcig uses a security practice known as payment tokenization. When you place anorder for the first time, billing information is sent directly to banks for verification, and is immediately discarded by CacuqEcig. If approved,the bank issues a special code that represents you as a customer. This unique code is arbitrary and random, and is not your card or acccount number. This code is securely stored in your CacuqEcig account and facilitates express check out.
    As banks enforce the code to be only used by CacuqEcig, the code is invalid to 3rd parties. Banks simply won't honor them. For added peace of mind, customers may delete express check out information at anytime.

  • Why is "Do Not Honor" displayed after checkout/payment?
    A "Do Not Honor" message from banks means that your transaction was declined by the bank that issued your card.
    We recommend you to call the number on the back of your card and talk to a customer representative of your bank. Please explain to them that you are trying to place an order online and request them to allow the transaction. If they can't help you, you can try to use an alternate method of payment such as PayPal (you can try your card again using PayPal), or simply using a different credit card.

  • Why is "Restricted Card" displayed during checkout/payment?
    Government or corporate purchase cards are often restricted from making online purchases that have nothing to do with the agency or company.
    We recommend you to call the number on the back of your card and talk to a customer representative of your bank. Please explain to them that you are trying to place an order online and request them to allow the transaction. If they can't help you, you can try to use an alternate method of payment such as PayPal (you can try your card again using PayPal), or simply using a different credit card.

  • PayPal Error Message: "This transaction is invalid."
    PayPal implements the rule that a shipping country must be the same as the country in your billing address.
    In such case, we suggest you fill in another available address or use another PayPal account to make the purchase.

  • Do I need to open a PayPal account?
    PayPal supports guest checkout. Simply enter your billing address and credit card information to complete an order. You may optionally create a PayPal password for speeding up future orders.

  • How do I contact PayPal by phone?
    +1-888-221-1161 (US & Canada Toll Free)
    +1-888-215-5506 (US & Canada Toll Free)
    +1-402-935-7733 (International)
    +1-402-935-2050 (International)
    These phone numbers are published on the Internet. PayPal may change the numbers without noticing us. For the latest phone numbers and other contact methods, please visit http://www.paypal.com/.

7 Shipping

  • Do you charge shipping?
    To guarantee safe delivery of your order, CacuqEcig only provides reliable express shipping services for your option, such as DHL, UPS, Fedex. The shipping fee is calculated automatically based on the shipping company’s charging rate at checkout.
  • Do you do partial shipments?
    Yes. You can request us to split your order and ship the ready items first. In cases of shipping delay, we will assume the extra shipping cost if any. Otherwise, the additional shipping cost are at your expense.
  • Do you ship to APO/FPO or PO boxes?
    No. We use express shipping services only, which require recipients’ signature upon delivery.
    Although express shipping company like DHL can’t deliver to APO, FPO and PO boxes, you may request the shipment to be held for pickup (additional service charge will be applied). Then you will then be able to pickup the shipment at the local DHL Express station.
    The receiver address is still required for customs on international shipments, thus you may leave a deliverable address and contact DHL to hold the package after shipping.
  • Do you take international orders?
    Yes, we use express shipping services, such as DHL, UPS. As long as your shipping address is deliverable by them, we can ship your order.
  • How are customs and import tax/duties handled?
    CacuqEcig is not responsible for taxes or tariffs in customer country’s custom. And we are not responsible for products confiscated by the customs in customers' countries.
  • How long can I get my tracking number?
    Per the requirement of our shipping agent, the package must be transferred from Hong Kong. In this case, the tracking number will be available once the package arrives in their Hong Kong facility. This whole process takes 1 business day usually after the package is picked up by the shipping forwarder. Once we have the tracking number, we will update it on your order details and a shipping notification with the tracking number inside will be sent to you automatically.
  • How long does it take for orders to get sent?
    In stock orders are shipped within 1 business day. Pre-order items are shipped based on the shipping time provided when you placed the order.
    Shipping for pre-order items may take additional days due to factories can’t meet their delivery commitment in some cases.
  • What are the available shipping methods?
    Cacuq uses express shipping service only, such as DHL, UPS and Fedex to guarantee safe delivery of your order. All the available shipping services are displayed during checkout.
  • What countries does CacuqEcig serve?
    CacuqEcig serves most of the countries in the world, except China, for company compliance reasons. For some specific items, which are bound with exclusive distributor agreement with other sellers in certain regions, we may not able to ship them to those specific countries.
  • What happens if I entered an incorrect or incomplete address during checkout?
    Please carefully check the shipping address before submitting your order. In cases that the package gets returned or lost due to incorrect address, CacuqEcig are unable to assume the loss. Customers will be responsible for the loss if any.
  • What happens if my country's customs rejected my package?
    CacuqEcig is not responsible for custom rejection in customer’s countries. If the package is rejected by destination custom, we will issue refund to your order once receiving the returned package, with the condition that the applicable fee charged by the shipping company is deducted from the order refund.
  • What happens if my package is lost?
    If the package is confirmed by the shipping company as lost, we will resend the order or issue full refund.
  • What happens when shipping company reports delivery when I didn't receive my package?
    CacuqEcig use reliable shipping services, such as DHL and UPS. The cases for lost packages are very rare. While if this happens, please contact us to report the issue, or contact the shipping company directly to open a claim. Anyway, we will help to solve the problem.
  • Why some specific items can’t be shipped to some countries?
    Some resellers expect a new item to be especially popular for their market, thus they will sign exclusive distributor agreement with the manufacturer, which means the specific item can be sold by the reseller only in certain areas or countries, according to the contract.

8 Auction

  • What if I changed my mind and don’t want to buy the auction items that I have win?
    Auction items must be paid within 24 hours after announcing winners. If there is no payment in this time frame by the winners, it will be regarded as abandoning the bid, which is what we consider as breaching our auction rule, unless it is result from our error directly.
    In this case, customers with free access to auction (silver or higher rank customers) will be penalized with a $1000.00 deduction from their total order amount, for those who purchased auction qualification first to access auction, we will cancel their auction access and no refund will be issued for the auction qualification.
    There is no time restriction on this penalization for breaching auction rules. Every time you break it, the same treatment will apply.
  • Can you change the item quantity of auction?
    The quantity for our auction is final and not changeable. This is simply because we are a reseller who focuses on wholesale, and the extremely low price is bound with certain quantity.
  • Can I bid multiple auction items the same time?
    Yes. Once you are equipped with auction qualification, there is no restriction on your access to any auction items.
  • What is the warranty policy for auction items?
    We guarantee that auction items are brand new items, and follow the same shipping procedure as those standard selling items. However, the price for auction items are extremely low, we only provide D.O.A (damaged on arrival) warranty for them.

9 Pre-Order

  • What is a pre-order?
    Simply put, a pre-order is an order you can place for a new item before it is in stock and available for delivery. Generally, it is an item that is new to the marketplace and we have already placed an order with our suppliers for the item. These items are usually in the developmental stages when we create the product listings. The images are taken from prototypes. The finished product that you receive may vary in design, specifications and package contents. Please be ready to assume these risks before placing your order.
  • Why should I pre-order at CacuqEcig?
    By placing a pre-order with cacuqecig you will receive the highest priority order fulfillment. We fill pre-orders based on the order they are received. Pre-orders are also processed prior to any in stock order received. Thus, pre-ordering helps ensure that you will receive the most sought after new products. If you pre-order, you will be among the first of our customers to receive the item. Oftentimes, with popular items, a purchasing frenzy ensues when it is released, making it difficult to get the item before it is sold out. Procuring an item on a pre-order basis means that, unless our shipment of the items is lost when coming from our supplier, you are guaranteed to get an item shortly after we receive it.
  • Is the item guaranteed to arrive on the estimated availability date?
    No, when an item opens for pre-order, we don't always have the full details on availability from our suppliers. It is important to recognize that ALL pre-orders are offered with ESTIMATED delivery dates. In other words, it is quite possible--and quite common--that pre-order items are delivered later than expected. Pre-orders are explicitly made without a guarantee that the item will arrive at a certain time. Always check the product item page for the most up to date information on availability.
  • What are the chances that my pre-order will not be filled?
    Remote. The only instances where a pre-order will not be filled are if the manufacturer cancels or modifies a case assortment or simply short ships our order. In the event of short shipment, we will prioritize filling pre-orders based on the order they were received. We will then cancel all other outstanding pre-orders and issue full refunds for those orders. We will not offer any compensation to customers for pre-orders that we are unable to fill based on our supplier short-shipping an order.
  • Can I cancel or modify a pre-order?
    Absolutely! If at any time prior to your items shipping you wish to cancel or change your order simply email us at customer-service@cacuqecig.com.
  • What if I order multiple items, can I combine in stock and pre-order items?
    Yes of course you can combine in stock and pre-order items. We will hold your order until all items come in stock and ship all items together. Note, if you wish for your in stock items to ship immediately then place a separate order for in stock items only.
  • What happens if I place a pre-order for multiple items that are scheduled to arrive at different dates?
    Again we will hold your order and ship once all items have arrived and are in stock. The shipping amount you are charged during check out is based on a single package. If you wish for your items to ship as they become available then you must place separate orders.
  • How long will it take to ship out my pre-order once an item is received?
    We begin filling pre-orders the day we receive the items. We process and ship orders 6 days a week so in most instances you can expect to receive your shipping notification in one business day.
  • Do you make a commitment that you will be the first person in China to have this product?
    No. We don't make promises we can't keep, and we have no way to control specifically that another vendor may receive their shipment of items before us. However, often times we are among the first in the USA to receive new items. Pre-orders are explicitly made without a guarantee that the item will arrive at a certain time.

10 I still need help!

Simply email us at customer-service@cacuqecig.com with the details, and we will do our best to resolve it to your satisfaction.

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