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Wholesale policy

As one of the leading e-cig wholesale websites, Cacuqecig knows that for all of the vaping distributors, the most concerned elements that matters your choice of buying are the price, delivery time and the service, the following text will have a clear description of our wholesale policy.



1.As you may think, the prices on our web may differ from many elements as the reason of the manufacturers’ mandatory pricing for which they require us to list different prices on the web so as to give the all the distributors from different channels the most reasonable and personalized price, known as the MSRP or WSP ;
2.Your price will also vary from the different amounts you order, your history trading records, your credit ranks, your ordered amount as well as the currency rating. Once you have signed up to our website,we will have a original price according to your registered identify and as you make different amounts of orders, the price will change too, as you order more, you will get the cheaper price.
3.Cacuqiecig always have the promotions on the above of our official web, as you can see in the “promotion” and “clearance”, except for the various prices on the base of your trading ranks and amounts, we also provide you with unscheduled promotions and clearance, some of which are at the discount of being as high as 60%.



We have the most comprehensive services including the pre-sale service and the after-sale service.
1.Presale service: Our customer service team is made up by a group of patient and professional teenagers who have been online waiting for your answers , before you make an order, you can ask whatever about the sign-up, the trading ranks, the recent promotion activities or even the data needed to sign in, as well as guiding you to get the best price;
2. After-sales service: our after-sales service also concerns , if you have any problems such as the replenishment , the upgrading of the firmware or the lacking of accessaries, our customer service center will give you the most satisfying on the base of knowing your trading records and they will customize a plan for you .



On the description of every item on our web has a clear stock and you can choose the item you want .If your order has stock ,we will ship your order the immediately and if you order the pre-sale type, we also have the calculated shipping time for you on the item so you don’t have to worry about delay of your delivery.


Arrival  and  Return

No worry is needed to buy on Cacuq for if there is anything missing or DOA ,we will reissued your missing accessaries or anything lost in the shipping at the first time. Besides, we provide more than the manufacturers ,for example ,for some of our old clients or high rank clients, we can reissued the item you want at the first time if you are in necessity and the video will then follow, for our long cooperation and mutual trust, we do so to reward our long-time supportive fans.
Intended for sale to adults 18 years or older. If you are not legally able to purchase tobacco products, please do not enter this site.
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