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2017 Russian Vaping Exhibition: Of hope and great expectations

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Attending the 2017 Russian Vaping Exhibition at the Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre in Moscow can be compared to a visit to the Diagon Alley in the Harry Potter books, only instead of wands, brooms, exotic unicorn horns and dragon hearts they sell E-cigarettes here. Yes, thousands of E-cigarettes of different brands and various built, along with an astounding assortment of E-liquids and Accessories, all for the visitors' admiration and enjoyment.


2017 Russian Vaping Exhibition: Of hope and great expectations




A visitor from China was mesmerized by the vast assortment of E-liquids in the booth.


From June 16th to 18th, Brian, a sales representative at Vpdam, witnessed the unprecedented prosperity of vaping market in Russia as he strolled among the 200+ booths at the exhibition with thousands of visitors from all over the world. Brian has kindly provided his journal and the photos he took during the three-day exhibition and the authenticity and vividness of his account have engraved a long-lasting impression upon my mind.


"Everyday thousands of visitors poured into the exhibition, most of whom were young people in their 20s and early 30s." said Brian, "E-liquid manufacturers dominated the exhibition and attracted the most visitors. There were less E-cigarette manufacturers in the exhibition than I expected but among the bigger brands, Innokin, IJOY, and Sigelei appealed to quite a crowd. Large wholesalers like Cacuq, Elego from China and a local company called Tiger were also present. There were no other vaping accessory manufacturers but Vpdam and it made me proud to see our preeminence unchallenged."




Everyday thousands of visitors poured into the exhibition.



According to Brian, Mechanic Mods were quite a common sight among the locals who came and visited the exhibition. Compared with their U.K. counterparts, the Russian vapers seemed to take a particular liking to RDA, RDTA and other DIY products. "They are all young people, the visitors, and young people love to look cool shrouded in mist and cloud with a Rebuildable on their hand. Many people are not professional vapers yet, but who is going to stop them?" Brian seemed to be confident of the coming prosperity the Russian market promises to deliver.






At the end of our interview, once more Brian expressed his shock at the sheer number of visitors to the exhibition. There seemed to be an air of hope, of great expectations, not unlike that of the first Puritans landed in the New Continent, when Brian reminisced about his unforgettable visit to the 2017 Russian Vaping Exhibition, and I cannot help but see thousands of vape shops flourish across this vast extension of land in the years to come, bringing forth warmth and fervor wherever the sparks of vape touch this land of winter, and begetting color and flavor whenever friends gather and vape in this white heart of the earth.