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Cacuq and Vpdam are in Rome, Italy!

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Cacuq and Vpdam are in Rome, Italy!

On November 4th and 5th in Rome, the once great capital of the known civilization, VapitalyPRO, the first 100% B2B vaping event in Italy, took place, during which 7 workshops, 400-minute training sessions over two days were undertaken by the event host and more than 70 exhibitors were present to help local business owners become acquainted with industry brands, news, and trends. Topics such as consumption patterns, customer care, store management, regulations, and product safety were also addressed in order to give practical and concrete advice to anyone wishing to enter the vaping market.

Among the 70 exhibitors, Vpdam is only company with the capacity of a complete range of vaping accessories, from wires and cotton to battery cases and tool bags, and Cacuq is one of the few distributors capable of delivering authentic products of a full selection of premium brands and making good their promise of reliable global delivery. In addition, Cacuq being a strategic partner and the sole distributor of Vpdam, enjoys exclusive privileges of establishing the most advisable and satisfactory matches between vaping devices and accessories.

Stacy, director of Cacuq B2B platform, along with several other directors and heads of departments from Cacuq, was present throughout the whole event. She observed that there was an unusual intense air of serious business in the event which most other similar conventions and events lacked. "It seems that the VapitalyPRO is influential beyond my expectation in that businesspeople from the hilly north regions flocked in hundreds, whose number was contended by their competitors from the warm Mediterranean sea, " said Stacy, "Thousands of people came and stayed the course of the event, all eagerly expecting the latest models most attentively craving the most effective business methods."

Stacy, being a senior manager for years and having for a long time immersed herself with the trends of E-cig market, observed that the Italian market for E-cigs has been growing rapidly and steadily. "Most business retailers have experienced increasing demand and growing revenue. There are every week more E-cig brands (including both E-cigs and E-juices) flourishing on this ancient and venerable Apennine Peninsula, the mother of western civilization, and may she continue her prosperity in the ages to come as in ages past!"

Cacuq, though already one of the leading distributors excellent in product authenticity and unchallenged in shipping services, still strives to improve its performance and to live up to its reputation by ensuring customization of services, reliable supply chains, and efficiency of operation. Rome, Italy today, all four corners of the world tomorrow; a 24-hour online E-cig shopping mall today, the leader of global E-cig service provider tomorrow!

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