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Exchange Rates Daily Update 7/28/2017

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Exchange Rates Daily Update

Dear Cacuq customers:

Cacuq now supports multi-currency to make your shopping on our website truly enjoyable and one-stop.

We update exchange rates on a daily basis:

USD/EUR = 0.8819000000

USD/GBP = 0.7956000000

USD/CAD = 1.3054000000

USD/AUD = 1.3054000000

USD/JPY = 115.5960000000

To accommodate multiple currencies, we provide various payment options.

For customers making payments in:

a. USD, we recommend PayPal as well as Checkout

b. EUR, we recommend Checkout as well as Sofort

c. RUB, we recommend WebMoney and QIWI

d. AUD, JPY, CAD, GBP and others: we recommend Checkout

Best Regard




Launch Time : 2017-07-25



Launch Time : 2017-07-25