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Vape Talent Show: Realize Your Vaping Dreams

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Vape Talent Show



What is it?


  • Dream of a healthy lifestyle?


  • Dream of pushing the vaping to the world?


  • Become the spokesman of vaping?


  • Become a vaping talent or start and be known to the world?


  • Want the ecigs store flourish around the world?


  • Want to show your talents or versatility on the world stage?


  • Would like to become the host or sponsor of the grand vaping ceremony?



Here is a chance to get all these become reality, that is the Vape Talent Show!



Vape Talent Show



How is it?

The first station(China) of Vape Talent Show has turned out to be wholly successful and there will be more shows around the world! What the Vape Talent Show has gained? Let’s have a look at the following:


100+ INFLUENTIAL MEDIAS / 50 + WELL-KNOWN MANUFACTURERS / 500000 online viewers / 20000$ bonus / 200 net celebrities / 1000+ physical stores



Vape Talent Show



What you can do?



Do you want to be the next vaping talent, come to China for free or get exciting bonus?



Do you want to get the exclusive report or get live information and even cooperate with China's top medias?


Ecigs distributors:


1. Become the sponsor of the world Vape Talent Show and be known to the world.


2. You can get all the information about Chinese Vaping Expos such as the 3rd Shenzhen International Vape Expo on October 20th - October 23th, Chengdu International Expo or Shanghai International Expo and so on.



Vape Talent Show



How to Do It?


Click here to see more details!



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