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Vpdam is at ECC in California!

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Vpdam is at ECC in California!

From August 25th to 27th (local time), Vpdam, together with Cacuq, is attending the ECC (Electronic Cigarettes Convention) at Ontario Convention Centre in Ontario, California, USA.

Vpdam is a strategic partner of Cacuq that specializes in the design and manufacture of top-grade E-cig accessories to enrich your vaping life and provides a huge selection of generic accessories at attractive prices as well as customized products for VIP clients.

After months of hard work and detailed planning, Vpdam took the lead in the E-cigarette accessory industry to attend the ECC 2017, an annual vape convention in its 5th year, which strives to bring innovation and excitement in a vape expo. Nearly every major player in the E-cigarette industry from within USA and without came to the convention, bringing with them their most renowned products and most prized innovations, the exhibition of which flamed up the age-old fervor of the thousands of visitors, whose enthusiasm and unreserved zeal made the convention quite a scene of excited prosperity.

Vpdam with Cacuq in booth 19

Throughout the three-day convention, booth 19, which is shared by Vpdam and Cacuq, has received countless interested customers, who, having witnessed the dazzling thousands of Mods, Atomizers, and E-juices, found their hearted captured by the singular creativeness of design and  outstanding craftsmanship of Vpdam Accessories.

Wilson with a visitor

Wilson, one of the delegates of Vpdam and its marketing director, has witnessed interesting conversations, constructive inquires, and promising prospects during the whole of interactions between fascinated visitors and the confident representatives of Vpdam. One visitor specially commented on the unique design of Vpdam toolbox, battery case, and juice bottle; another paid heart-felt compliments on the huge selection of generic accessories, which, quoting the said visitor, " will satisfy every need, major or minor, that I may have or fancy that I have".

Bella interacting with interested visitors

Wilson couldn't help but observe the huge potential of the U.S. market, which, with its 9 million regular vapers and their strong and steady purchasing power, will be to any participant an assurance of future growth and substantial profits. It is such a golden opportunity for Vpdam that, missing this, it will have to fight through the hundreds of emerging vaping accessory providers which will soon come into being due to low market barriers and few competitors in the accessory industry. Vpdam is therefore meditating upon a five-year plan for its establishment and development in the U.S. market, which will not fail to produce interested customers and partners, but as in any other business, whose fierce competition and free spirit will test any adventurer who sets his foot on this land of promise.

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