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Watch out for The TPD Compliant Type Products

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Dear friends, we may know that TPD took into effect in many countries of UN and the number of regulated countries is increasing all the time and we also know different countries have different regulations.


Watch out for the TPD compliant type

Please take care when you choose the products in Cacuq for we have two versions: The TPD compliant type and the normal type. If the TPD compliant products arrivals at the non-european countries, you will suffer the risk of customs clearance because the package of the TPD type parcel will have a note or warning on its outside appearance.



The difference of the package of TPD compliant products and normal products.





Packaging & Label Regulations

Packaging, labels and outer containers for products must carry the warning “This product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance”. This warning is also subject to a number of rules dictating its position, size and clarity so as not to be hidden or unclear.


1. Each unit packet of a tobacco product and any outside packaging shall carry the health warnings provided for in this Chapter in the official language or languages of the Member State where the product is placed on the market.


2. Health warnings shall cover the entire surface of the unit packet or outside packaging that is reserved for them and they shall not be commented on, paraphrased or referred to in any form.


3. Member States shall ensure that the health warnings on a unit packet and any outside packaging are irremovably printed, indelible and fully visible, including not being partially or totally hidden or interrupted by tax stamps, price marks, security features, wrappers, jackets, boxes, or other items, when tobacco products are placed on the market.


4. The health warnings shall in no way hide or interrupt the tax stamps, price marks, tracking and tracing marks, or security features on unit packets.



What are the TPD targeted countries?


In Austria, no further action is expected until 18th July.


In Belgium, the arrêté royal was suspended in April due to what were considered disproportionate fees for notification, and nothing new has happened since then, though it is likely under consideration.


In Cyprus, a law firm that has talked with government officials has confirmed to ECig Intelligence that there is no chance of meeting the deadline.


Denmark has approved transposition legislation but it will not come into force until June, so it is only narrowly missing the May date.


Finland’s parliament is expected to consider its legislation in June.


France has partially transposed the TPD, but the ordonnance that was intended to handle the final details is not yet publicly available.


Ireland is still in a consultation phase, and no draft legislation is available. The health ministry has blamed this on the 70-day political impasse prior to the formation of the current minority government.


In Poland, the Chemical Substances Inspector has confirmed that the lower house of parliament (the Sejm) will not vote on the transposition bill until July at the earliest.


Slovenia’s transposition appears to still be in a consultation phase.


Spain’s health minister has admitted that transposition will be late because of the failure to form a government after last year’s elections, and the necessity to hold new elections this June.


Sweden’s official draft legislation says it will come into force on 1st October.


Switzerland, not an EU member, is also encountering delays in the introduction of new e-cigarette legislation after a committee of the states council sent the matter back to the federal council, believing that proposed advertising restrictions might be too tight and that vapour products should be treated distinctly from combustible tobacco products. If you want to know more countries' information about TPD, please click to see the official web : http://ecigintelligence.com/the-tpd-all-our-coverage-in-one-place/