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What are vaping-related articles about?

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What are vaping-related articles about?

A blogger has been writing vaping-related articles on various topics for some months now and he has reluctantly come to a sad but inevitable realization that his inspiration is slowly drying up, and his ideas are gradually running out. It seems that under the current frequency with which he contrives and posts articles, pretty soon he would have nothing but product reviews which remains effective for 2 weeks to write about.

Search Vaping on Google and you'll see dozens of articles from an equal number of blogs, but most articles are highly identical concerning their topics, opinions, terminology, and even length. One would have imaged that a same blogger posted fifty versions of four articles on different blogs, each equipped with slight modifications and vastly differing pictures, looking strikingly similar in essence though disparate in styles. Average vapers in their passion and quest for information and guidance read tons of such articles, but really how useful are they? How many "repeated articles" are being read? In this article, I will try to present to you what are vaping-related articles about, what categories they fall into and what proportion each category occupies concerning the number of posts.

Normally the most popular pieces on Page 1 would be introductory articles, like, "What is vaping?", "10 facts you need to know about vaping", "Everything a beginner needs to know about vaping", or "A beginner's guide to vaping". Usually these articles introduces the structure and mechanism of E-cigarettes and compare vaping with smoking. They may also contain various proved and alleged benefits of vaping, such as improved health and declined smoking prevalence. In general, they provide overall and comprehensible introduction and guidance to beginners and interested individuals.

A second popular topic would be articles which treat specifically the benefits and harms of vaping. You'll see titles like "Is Vaping bad for you?", "Vaping is far from harmless", "Vaping doubles risk of smoking cigarettes for teens", or outright "Scientists found vaping harmful". Of course, there are more articles promoting vaping than discrediting it. You will see titles like "10 reasons why you should stop smoking and start vaping", "Not blowing smoke, Vaping works", or "Health effects of Vaping vs. Smoking". In these articles all possible pros and cons of vaping will be selected and listed out accordingly for the purpose of validating the opinions of certain articles, regardless of other standing proofs. In other words, such articles are extremely, though justifiably, biased, and therefore they should be viewed with considerable discretion. Never listen only to one side of the story.

Another hot topic would be policy-related articles. Whenever FDA launches a new policy which either restricts vaping or lifts & repudiate certain former restrictions on vaping, Google is flooded with articles that criticize or praise FDA and its policy makers accordingly. On this score, it seems everyone holds the same opinion, though some are more aggressive than others. These articles help us to understand the Whats, Whys, Hows and What-ifs of the history of E-cig regulations. They also tend to be harsh to FDA, Big Tobaccos and certain scientists, with good reasons. They lose popularity three days after announcements of policies, only waiting to be dug out of the grave next time when there are new policies.

One last category would be articles of commercial nature: information and reviews for certain hot products and advertisements for E-cig manufacturers and vendors, the latter being relatively rare. Product reviews often are effective for 4 weeks only given how frequently new products are released and buried. No one wants to read a three-month-old product review.

In conclusion, there are only that many vaping-related topics one can write about. The many thousands of similar articles are in essence clones and duplicates of a few dozen originals.

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