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  • SOCC Evod Coil 5pcs
    • SOCC Evod Coil 5pcs
    • SOCC Evod Coil 5pcs
    • SOCC Evod Coil 5pcs
    • SOCC Evod Coil 5pcs
    • SOCC Evod Coil 5pcs
    • SOCC Evod Coil 5pcs
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    Kanger SOCC Evod Coil 5pcs

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    Weight: 20.00g
    Units: PAC

    The new Kanger SOCC Evod coils creat an innovative design which abandons the glassfiber materail and adopts the Japan organic cotton which is more durable and brings you no burning taste. The coil reserves the same size, appearence and BCC design as the old coil unit which can give you an efficeint and pure vaping feeling.This coil has four different resistance like 1.50ohm,1.80ohm,2.20ohm and 2.50ohm for your multiple choice to fit various atomizers and batteries.

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A10161 2.50ohm --- --- ---
A10160 2.20ohm --- --- ---
A10159 1.80ohm --- --- ---
A10158 1.50ohm --- --- ---
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1.No Burning
2.More Durable
3.Japan Organic Cotton


SOCC Evod Coil 5pcs

The new KangerTech "Single Organic Cotton Coils" (SOCC) replacement coils for Kanger EVOD Tank Clearomizers & Protanks, now deliver even better flavor/vapor. Stock up on the best organic EVOD atomizer coil heads in 5-Packs or Singles! The new evod replacement heating coils now contain organic cotton & should easily replace your previous version coils that came stock with your tank.
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5 pcs/pack

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  • Label Strong throat hit Adjustable airflow Huge clouds Smooth airflow Ergonomic design Legible screen Great flavor Attractive design Pocket-friendly Dense vapor
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