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  • Subtank OCC Coil NEW 5pcs
    • Subtank OCC Coil NEW 5pcs
    • Subtank OCC Coil NEW 5pcs
    • Subtank OCC Coil NEW 5pcs
    • Subtank OCC Coil NEW 5pcs
    • Subtank OCC Coil NEW 5pcs
    • Subtank OCC Coil NEW 5pcs
  • Kanger Subtank OCC Coil NEW 5pcs

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1.Dual coil
2.Organic Cotton Coil (OCC)
3.Square outer casing: last longer, provide purer taste and has a larger heating section


Subtank OCC Coil NEW 5pcs

KANGER Subtank OCC Coil

Kanger’s newly designed Organic Cotton Coil heads (OCC) and a new rebuildable atomizer head. OCC make use of organic cotton as wick.
Warning: The Kanger Subtank uses a low AND a sub-ohm resistance atomizer. Subohms can be dangerous if you do not have the right equipment. It will only work on a mechanical mod with a battery capable of 30 watt or higher or an electronic mod capable of 15 watt or higher. You must be sure that your mod AND batteries can handle SUB OHM coils. If you're using an electronic mod, make sure it and the battery you use (if removable) can handle the amps. For mechanical mod users, use 30 Amp batteries or higher. Use an oms law calculator and check your amps.
KANGER Subtank OCC Coil
*** These will not work on eGo batteries or any device not capable of of handling the amps required for the coils to operate ***
Coils Suggested Operating Ranges
OCC coil: 0.5 Sub Ohm / Operating Range 15 - 30 W
OCC coil: 1.2 Ohm / Operating Range 12 - 25 W
The Kanger Subtank OCC Coil units are not compatible with any other Kanger or other brand products, they will only work in the Kanger Subtank.
KANGER Subtank OCC Coil
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5 pcs/pack

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  • Label Strong throat hit Adjustable airflow Huge clouds Smooth airflow Ergonomic design Legible screen Great flavor Attractive design Pocket-friendly Dense vapor
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