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  • Vapor Storm 100W Battery
    • Vapor Storm 100W Battery
    • Vapor Storm 100W Battery
    • Vapor Storm 100W Battery
    • Vapor Storm 100W Battery
    • Vapor Storm 100W Battery
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    Vapor Storm Vapor Storm 100W Battery

    Sku: P91108
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    Weight: 290.00g
    Units: PCS

    Vapor Storm 100W Battery is a brand new battery mod that can fire up to 100W power output. It comes with ergonomic design that makes grip more comfortable. The big fire key enables vapers to easily control the device. This is an all-round battery mod.

    Battery Capacity
SKU Color Battery Capacity Price Stock Transit Total
K81853 leather 3200mah --- --- ---
K81852 wooden 3200mah --- --- ---
K81851 blue 3200mah --- --- ---
K81850 black 3200mah --- --- ---
K81849 white 3200mah --- --- ---
K81848 red 3200mah --- --- ---
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1.Can reach 100W output
2.Ergonomic design with comfy grip
3.Big fire key, easy operation
4.Temperature control


Vapor Storm 100W Battery

vapor storm 100w battery


Vapor Storm is a new brand on e-cigs market. But it's capable to bring you huge vaping storm with this Storm 100W Battery Mod. Its compact size body can give vapers 100W output for better vapor production. And the innovative temperature control gives you different vaping experience every time. What's more, the big OLED display shows you everything you want to see vividly. As for colors, the wood grain and leather version(wood grain and leather effects are achieved by stickers) are absolutely stars that stand out from the crowd, giving you a feeling of luxury! All in all, this Storm 100W Battery Mod has every great feature that a great box mod can have!


vapor storm 100w battery


The spring loaded 510 connector is the most universal connecor in vaping industry and makes this Storm 100W mod highly compatible with most atomizers you like. On the side of the box mod, there is an extremely large power button that any vaper can conveniently press without any troubles. Once you press the fire button, the mod will instantly respond and produce large vapor cloud with the atomizer due to its enhanced chipset inside. Below the power button is the +/- adjustment buttons to change wattage and temperature etc. Now, at the center of the side panel is a OLED display that can show you all the information about the device you want to know, giving you a clear clue to how your device is running. What's left is a micro USB port for charging and firmware upgrading, remember to kepp your Storm 100W up to date!


vapor storm 100w battery


As you can see from the chart, although Vapor Storm is not a very big or famous brand on the market, its Vapor Storm 100W battery starts from a low spot and keeps growing faster and faster, passing all other popular box mods by different famous brands like Joyetech and SMOK. This shows this 100W battery is truly a high performance product and really impresses a lot of customers despite the fact that it comes from a relatively small brand. And as the time goes by, its advantage becomes bigger and bigger! What's more, plenty of wholesalers gave us feedbacks that they've already made decent amount of profits selling this product and intended to purchase more. Business people like yourselves shouldn't miss this opportunity!


vapor storm 100w battery


The pie chart above clearly shows us in which countries this Vapor Storm 100W sells the best. Customers from France shows the strongest passion and affection for the product and occupy 39% of our whole sales number. Then there comes US and UK with 19% and 17% of the share. Apart from that, Vapor Storm 100W is very hot in other European and American countries as well! We can easily say that this box mod has huge attraction for vapers across the globe and it surely can reach big sales number in your country! Give it a try and you'll see how popular it is!


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Please Note: Storm 100W leather pattern and wood grain pattern are both stickers.

Mod Parameter
Battery capacity 3200mah
Output power 7W-100W
Temperature mod yes
VV/VW Mod Yes
Usb cable Yes
Usb charger No
Built-in battery Yes
Battery Included N/A

Packing List

1 * Storm 100W Mod
1 * USB Cable
1 * User Manual

  • Evaluation degree

  • Label Huge clouds (2) Dense vapor (1) Attractive design (1) Smooth airflow (1) Adjustable airflow Strong throat hit Legible screen Great flavor Pocket-friendly Ergonomic design
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